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Why You Should Always Update Now

by / Friday, 17 June 2016 / Published in Blog, News
Computer update

Update Now – Update Later. The choice our computer often offers us before most of us systematically choose the latter. However, it is important to note the reasons you are offered the opportunity to update software.

Software Vulnerabilities

Security holes, such as glitches or weaknesses in a system can leave it exposed to things such as malware attacks. These can be exploited by an attacker to hack into the system and use it at their own will.

For instance, if you used an outdated version of an internet browser, and visited a site that wasn’t fully secure, a hacker could potentially use your outdated browser to infiltrate your system and steal the details of anyone on your system.

Effectively, outdated software is like leaving your door unlocked.

Product Enhancement

Software updates also fix bugs that may cause a certain program to function unexpectedly/poorly. This will help your staff work more efficiently if all of their software is working properly.

When do you need to update software?

Most programs will automatically update or at least notify you when an update is available. However, it’s worth checking on a regular basis. Most programs will have an option to turn on automatic updates, often in an Advanced Settings section.

You can install programs that will automatically install updates to your programs for you, however we advise extreme caution with these. It’s definitely worth properly researching them yourselves first or seek professional advice.

In short, the next time you get annoyed with a program constantly popping up with a software updates, tell yourself that it’s better than an infected computer!

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