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Business protection and recovery in one

by / Wednesday, 14 June 2017 / Published in News

The boundaries between backup, business continuity and disaster recovery protection were clearly defined. Each could be described as follows:

Backup protection

– a copy used to recover lost files, folders or systems. Originally these were held on tape and then disk to disk.

Business continuity protection

– facilities that allowed a failed IT service to be recovered quickly or instantaneously.  This included clustering (anybody remember setting up Windows NT clusters?), and replication between servers.

Disaster Recovery protection

– a copy of systems held offsite for use to recover if the primary datacentre was lost. For those who got a cold shiver when reminded of NT clustering, how about the weekends spent in Disaster Recovery centres, loading systems from tape and hoping that they would work.

We have evolved

Thankfully, the IT industry has advanced significantly in recent years. We can now deliver these services from a single product, managed from anywhere on the planet (almost). Software products today tackle all three of these requirements from a single pane of glass. This makes the IT Manager’s life much easier.  

The following video highlights the thinking required to ensure that the correct product and services are selected when assessing potential backup products. Please click on the image to open.


Backup protection considerations






Keytech Backup and Business Continuity

There is no single backup solution that fits all requirements. However, for each unique requirement there is a suitable backup solution. With options for most scenarios, Keytech Backup Solutions can be designed, deployed and if required, managed for all sizes of customer and covering most technical requirements.  

However, as described earlier, Backup is only a part of the story.  Business Continuity and Disaster recovery are also factored into the design. Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) can be monitored and tuned to meet specific requirements. This can tuned down to an individual application level.

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