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Cloud & Virtualisation

Integrated Cloud and Virtualisation Provider


Engaging in Cloud computing or Hosted services means your company’s data, resources and software are provided on your own Private cloud platform , a shared Public platform or a Hybrid of the two.

It has many benefits including long term cost savings, flexibility, scalability, resilience and security.

Virtualisation is an area of hosted computing that many of our customers choose to invest in as it is a solution that fits in with their current business practices but allows cost savings, flexibility and resilience versus continuing with more traditional IT set ups.

Why Choose Keytech 

For more than 10 years Keytech have been at the forefront of virtualisation and cloud hosting, we have helped many businesses realise the benefits of both virtualisation and cloud hosting, assisting them on their journey from on-premise/physical servers to hosted/virtualised environments.

We understand the concerns our customers have with their data being taken offsite, Keytech are ISO 27001 accredited, this gives our customers piece of mind that their data is secure and looked after. Our UK based data centres are also ISO 27001 accredited. Data Centre tours are arranged to allow our customers to see exactly where their data is being stored.