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5 benefits of cloud hosted desktops

A brief Introduction

Cloud hosted desktops have been administered as an integral part of modern day businesses.

As many businesses take to this new, sophisticated means of operation; it seems there’s much confusion around what these systems are and how they’re beneficial to various workplaces.

Strategically designed to increase workplace productivity; hosted desktops are increasingly popular among a range of industries large or small.

Predicted to take 2015 by storm; cloud hosted desktop services are the latest technology destined to permanently change the way in which we access and store information in the workplace.

It seems as technology develops; consumers are expected to adapt with little knowledge on how cloud hosted desktop systems operate and why they’re beneficial to a range of workplaces.

Here at keytech, our clients are at the heart of the services we provide. Our initial aim is to inform you of the various benefits cloud hosted desktops bring to a workplace.

Cloud hosted desktops: a deeper insight

A futuristic technology: Hosted desktop solutions are an innovative technology designed to create high-level security and easy desktop access.

Looking and acting like your generic PC desktop; cloud hosted desktops are provided via internet connection which means they’re accessible worldwide. Like your PC, hosted desktops store everything from documents to apps and everything in-between; hosted desktop services make data access issues a thing of the past

5 core benefits of cloud hosted desktops

Beneficial to industries who rely on computer systems to store, receive and transmit information; Keytech have a wealth of happy clients making full use of their hosted desktop solutions across a range of industries including hospitality and catering, logistics, recruitment, finance, building and construction and many more.

Hosted desktop services are useful to a range of businesses because of their various attributes, as follows:

5. Resilience

Everyone who’s used a computer, ever, has experienced data-loss.

Data loss is a common issue proposed by old, dated servers prone to crashing and sometimes hacking. Investing in cloud hosted desktop solutions ensures situations such as this are avoided.

The way it works? all data is stored, located and backed up on a cloud sever as opposed to your computer hard drive. Therefore, any hacking, system crashes or broken PC issues means important work is safe and accessible.

With cloud hosted desktops the laborious, infuriating task of re-completing lost work is a thing of the past as cloud servers securely store and constantly back-up work which ensures employees are able to constantly move forward in workflow, completing tasks efficiently.

4. Reliability

Ever experienced technical faults in the work place?

Electricity down, water off or perhaps your dated computer server has lost your work in cyber space?

Situations such as this impact heavily on business performances due to site or office closures. Investing in cloud hosted desktops offer efficient solutions in tackling these issues as these desktops and files are accessible anywhere via internet connection.

This means if your office or site is closed, work can proceed!

As cloud hosted desktops store all your data in one place, work can be completed from alternative sites or at home.

Cloud hosted desktops: stored in one place, accessible anywhere!

3.  24/7 support solutions

Having 24/7 access to remote desktop tutorials means any issues you may encounter during hosted desktop use can be quickly rectified by our professional team here at Keytech.

This lowers crashing risks while allowing those who’re less computer literate to be able to easily adapt to computer use.

Here at Keytech, we’re committed to providing the best customer service for our customers. Providing expert I.T services and easy to follow training, we offer the best support to each of our clients.

2. Advanced security measures

Described as ‘the next generation of computing’ hosted desktop services offer advanced security.

Protecting your businesses information assets is important for any company.

With the internet being a global communication platform: it’s become apparent that some use the system ethically, while others abuse these systems using them for fraudulent activity, hacking and breeching users privacy.

Hosted desktop providers such as Keytech aid in protecting businesses from such activity.

Offering advanced security systems, hosted desktop providers are increasingly popular for their advanced security measures alone.

1. Cost Effectiveness

Every business loves the term ‘cost effective’.

Hosted desktop solutions with keytech offer your business the best, most reliable service at competitive prices.

Using a hosted desktop means your machine isn’t processing as much data therefore using less power, saving you a substantial amount in electricity costs.

Hosted desktops have also been acknowledged to save employees money in commute costs. Being able to access your whole desktop from anywhere in the world means staff can be just as productive from site to site.

No need to invest in hardware storage items either: cloud hosted desktops means your documents are logged, saved and accessible from any computer.

For more information on how cloud hosted desktops are step in the right direction for your business, call Keytech today on 08443721969.