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Proactive protection for the holidays

by / Monday, 10 July 2017 / Published in News

By Brian Cowan and James Senior

The schools are breaking up and with this comes the challenge of holiday cover for support.  Those hardworking guys in the datacentre that kept systems running through the cold winter are now being allowed out into the fresh for a walk around.  So, who looks after the systems while they are away?

Our systems are resilient

Of course they are. You have installed VMware, you have built in high availability and business continuity….what could go wrong?  OK, if we draw a line above the NHS Ransomware attack and the BA outageIT systems have not hit the headlines too much recently.   Summer is also the time for lightening strikes and temperature issues.

Monitoring for protection

Adding software monitoring for your infrastructure reduces the risk of outages by picking up on problems before they become critical.  For organisations with a small IT team it also allows external organisations to provide remote support.  It also provides visibility of the health of systems during normal periods of operation, a source of comfort for overworked IT Managers

What should you protect?

Everything possible! If you can see how healthy things are you are winning.  Modern server and storage technology offers dozens of performance metrics, its a shame not to use them.  For many years now Dell EMC EqualLogic storage has been emailing Dell support when a disk repeats too often or a power supply starts to fail.  The Customer then receive a spare part and instructions on how to hot-swap it in (if only cars worked that way…).

Monitoring for protection














By centralising the collection of metrics and automating their analysis, IT Managers can manage their site, or multiple sites from a single point.  During holiday periods this support is available remotely. Alternatively, the monitoring can be passed on to a support company that provide short term cover, or long term support to complement that provided in house.

Keytech options

Keytech are a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP) and use monitoring to support customers across most industry sectors.  Whether the systems are on the customer site or in our hosting centres, the protection they receive is equally robust.  Further information can be found by clicking here