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Protect Your Business – Free IT Security Consultation

by / Friday, 06 February 2015 / Published in News

You don’t have to be Sony or Ebay to be under threat of Network disruption!

In today’s internet connected world, it is an ever-present menace. A virulent email or maliciously coded website can affect a single PC, disrupting one user for a day or two, through to a complete Network event that can immobilise your business for minutes, hours or even days.

The truth is, it’s not until an event like this happens that many organisations decide to do something about it.

As an ISO27001 accredited organisation, Keytech offer a wide range of IT security services for all sizes of business. We can provide protection accross your network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal systems as well as remote users.

Network Disruption

Avoid network disruption threats with Keytech today and ensure your business runs smoothly at every interaction.

What is Network Disruption?

Network Disruption comes in various forms. When referring to network disruption we’re discussing a common threat posed to businesses and home information technology (I.T) services alike.

Network Disruption, essentially is where your system is vulnerable or affected by certain cyber threats which often include; spyware, hacking and virus’.

If your computer system is running on a disrupted network, it’s imperative you take the initiative and heighten all your system security settings to ensure all business sensitive data is fully protected.

Investing in secure I.T management services ensures all your business data is secure at anyone time and reduces hacking threats to a minimum. Contact Keytech today for more information on how we can help you and your business thrive off excellent I.T services.

How can I avoid Network Disruption?

Avoiding network disruption is difficult if you have little knowledge in the way in which I.T systems operate. Information technology is fast becoming a specialist service as the industry continues to adapt; opening doorways for hackers and various other cyber threats.

With a range of services to suit a range of budgets, Keytech have a combination of time, expertise and specialist equipment to ensure your I.T systems are protected and enhance your business as opposed to cause problems in your business.

Take advantage of our extensive range of services offered here at Keytech. From Microsoft Share Points to Hosted Onsite and Offsite Backup: Keytech offer a range of services to enhance your business.

What kinds of packages does Keytech offer in light of avoiding network disruption issues?

  • Regular security reviews and audits

At the height of customer satisfaction, here at Keytech we test your system security settings often to ensure all possible threats are administered and eliminated so your systems run smoothly all of the time.

  • Well Managed Firewall Systems

It’s important, when processing business sensitive information or otherwise, we’re ensuring our firewall security settings are fully provisioned and monitored professionally for advanced security reasons.

  • Managed or Deployed IPS/IDS

Here at Keytech we offer fully managed intrusion detection which is designed to prevent any integrated or stand-alone intrusion threats posed by the cyber world.

Threats of this nature are unfortunately unavoidable as most businesses have or will become subject to these threats. It seems, although technology and security settings are becoming more advanced, ‘cyber-sneaks’ seem to find a way through technology walls which is why advanced security measures are imperative for your business.

  • Log monitoring

As part of our heightened security package, here at Keytech our log monitoring systems works in collating, storing and archiving data which ensures all data inputs are soundly backed up. This means a Keytech system is a reliable system.

  • Web based security services

Here at Keytech, we also manage your web browsing security systems to ensure all threats are monitored and eliminated. This includes URL and web content filtering adjacent to various other tactics.

For more information on how we can protect your business from any network disruption issues while eliminating data loss threats contact Keytech today for I.T services you can trust.

Take advantage of our free security consultations for your business today and learn how we, here at Keytech provide professional I.T management services to protect and develop your business.

Other services we provide:

Here at Keytech we offer a range of I.T management services which make commercial sense for you and your business. From cloud hosted desktop services to data protection to managed security services, Keytech are always on hand to help.

Renowned for our premium security systems, Keytech is the number one I.T management company you can trust.