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Audits and Reviews


Keytech can perform technical audits and reviews to help you understand how your environment is performing. The process involves performing health checks across all elements of the infrastructure i.e. Storage & network right through to the Servers and applications. The aim of the audit and review is to ensure the infrastructure as a whole is operating at optimum efficiency and identify any areas of underperformance.

Key Benefits

  • Ensure that all elements of the infrastructure have been configured correctly and servers are performing at optimal efficiency
  • Provide a resolution to any outstanding problems
  • Leverage the knowledge and experience of the Keytech Consultants

Engagement Delivery

 To ensure the effective service delivery Keytech have a process for engaging with their customers:

  •  Keytech Sales Representative will prepare the partner for engagement cycle
  • Keytech Sales Representative will introduce the customer to the project Consultant
  • Consultant will map delivery with the customer


 The Health check will consist of the following content:

  •  Hardware inventory report showing IT assets on site
  • Review of the infrastructure to check it has been configured correctly and servers, storage and the network are performing at optimal efficiency
  • Utilisation and capacity planning report identifying utilisation of key infrastructure components and showing details for each device that is approaching the utilization limit.
  • Comprehensive technical documentation which will detail areas of the infrastructure that are underperforming. The documentation will also have recommendations and next steps.

First Step – Onsite

  • Collate and analyse existing infrastructure configuration and performance data
  • Deployment of data gathering probes to analyse the infrastructure over chosen period

Next Step – Offsite

  • Comprehensive report creation

Report Delivery – Onsite

  • A Keytech Consultant will return and present findings to Partner / Customer