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Cloud Hosting

The managed Cloud hosting provider

Cloud or Hosted services come in many forms and guises , all designed to give a flexible, cost effective platform for businesses to work with. From email to hosted desktops, managed data backup and storage, the cloud provides a wealth of features that most businesses are likely to take advantage of at some stage.

Benefit from…

The benefits of hosted services on cloud include long term cost savings, flexibility, scalability, resilience and security. As the needs of your business change your computing platform can change with you without the outlay or limitations of more traditional IT practices. Many of our customers now use cloud hosted services as the demands of staff mobility, improvements in efficiency and cost savings dictate a change in the way their business is implemented.

In the Cloud, we can host…

Keytech’s KeyCloud platform offers businesses a secure and resilient alternative to providing their own IT Infrastructure. KeyCloud can be taken as a pay as you go service or as your own private cloud with links to your own physical or virtual infrastructure as a hybrid option. Hosted in ISO 27001 secure UK based Datacentres Keytech’s KeyCloud offers

Over the past several years, cloud hosting has come to transform the way many businesses work.In shifting their operations away from cumbersome, costly and fairly inflexible in-house servers towards a much more scalable and affordable solution in the cloud, these companies are enjoying the kind of increase in productivity, profitability and security they previously thought impossible.Yet as much as cloud hosting benefits those other businesses, you’re not yet convinced that it’s right for you. After all, your business is unique, and comes with certain requirements that only a physical server could handle. There’s just no way that a cloud solution could work for you, is there?

You’d be surprised.

One of the great things about the cloud is that it’s completely flexible, meaning the team here at Keytech can tailor solutions to match the exact needs of your company.

Here’s just some of the things your business can do better, faster, and safer by moving to the cloud:


For eCommerce businesses traffic to your website can periodically peak with a hosted server managed entirely by Keytech, you will be prevented from such online sales frenzies that might come unexpected to your online business. Has your online business suffered rather than succeeded as a result of outages caused by Black Friday?

At the heart of the matter though, lies scalability and the fact that with the cloud, you only ever pay for what you really need.

For one thing, this presents an opportunity to start small, and gradually grow your hosting at the same rate as your business. There’s even the flexibility to temporarily increase your setup, say to cover heavy sales numbers over the holiday period- before dropping back to a more modest solution for the rest of the year.

For another thing, this pay-as-you-go approach levels the playing field, meaning that even if your business is new on the market, you can enjoy all the same resources as your well-established rivals, all at a fraction of the cost.

Websites / Blogs

The same goes for your website presence as a whole. When your customers head to your website, they expect the whole thing to load quickly, and that any data they input into your site will be collected and stored safely. Fail to provide that, and they’re unlikely to be customers for much longer.

Hosting your website in the cloud really comes into its element here, providing greater speed and reliability than physical servers, along with inbuilt security features to ensure your customers’ data is well protected.

File Storage

Making remote working and anywhere, anytime access to your files, folders and applications much easier and affordable, cloud hosting also has the advantage that, should things go wrong, disaster recovery is only ever a click away. Find out more about hosted DR.

Domain Name Systems (DNS)

Simplicity is the key here. Moving your DNS to the cloud, you’ll find it easier than ever before to manage and configure your domains, all through one simple-to-use interface.

Online and offline application

Whether its consumer applications you’ve developed to engage your customers through mobiles and tablets, or mission-critical software needed to run your entire back-end operation, you again have a wealth of resizable cloud hosting solutions that allow your teams to deliver the best possible service for your customers.

Databases (banks,finance)

In today’s modern world, the data your business stores is arguably your most valuable asset. With that in mind, keeping it well secure and yet easily retrievable when you need it, is of paramount importance, and there’s better or more cost effective way to achieve this than with the provisions of utilising everything in the cloud, databases back up and file storage.


Reasons to choose Keytech

Keytech are an integrated cloud services provider. That means that we are specialised in providing the network, security and communications that are vital to any business accessing cloud services. Having a single provider for all the necessary services under one SLA contract keeps things simple for our customers and reduces costs associated with multiple service providers. Our first hosted services were delivered over 10 years ago and our technical teams are very experienced in delivering hosted solutions tailored to individual business needs. If you would like to see how cloud hosting services could benefit your small or large business enterprise in the UK, Call Sales on 01942 311150

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