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Enterprise Storage

Data is an organisations lifeblood and likely, one of the biggest expenses and management headaches. A profusion of data flowing across the modern IT infrastructure fuels today’s mission critical applications and directly affects strategic decision making. However, huge growth in the volume and variety of this data is straining budgets and hindering IT productivity

Keytech can help consolidate and virtualise storage solutions and reduce the costs of managing it through deployment of modern storage architectures, including hardware software, services and support.

No matter if your company is large or small, your data is not going to stop growing.  By using Dell virtualised storage solutions, Keytech can help minimise the efficiency, flexibility and reliability of your storage solution whether this be in a physical or virtualised server environment.

Dell storage solutions, architected, designed and deployed by Keytech enable:

  • Automated tiering and perpetual optimization of data over available storage resources, boosting performance
  • Outstanding reliability with integrated data protection and disaster management tools optimized for both physical and virtual infrastructures
  • Simple deployments and seamless administration through integrated management tools
  • Lower total cost of ownership through a smaller storage footprint, simplified operations, automation and innovative bundled and perpetual software licensing

The ability to safeguard data, no matter the size of your business is key to business survival in the event of a disaster or other IT disruption event. Tight integration of the storage management tools with Hypervisors such as VMWare and Hyper-V,  Operating systems such as Microsoft Windows and Linux as well as  business critical applications such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server greatly reduce recovery times

Keytech can help reduce the risk of data loss through automated intelligent backup capabilities enabling

  • Automated and synchronised of data copies through replicas, snapshots and clones
  • Data optimisation for both performance and capacity will fully automated storage tiering, this provisioning and replication as well as file deduplication and compression
  • Reducing administrative time for routine operations