Hosted Email Solutions

Hosted email services are extremely practical solutions that have been adopted by companies around the world to ensure their email systems are working to the highest possible standard.

At Keytech, our pay-as-you-go email hosting solutions provide businesses with round-the-clock access to their emails and also take care of labour-intensive tasks such as database maintenance and data backups.

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Benefits of Outsourcing your Email Management & Hosting

At Keytech we believe there are very few reasons for a company to attempt to host their own email system. That’s because it is time consuming and labour intensive for businesses to manage by themselves, especially as they grow in size.

Benefits of outsourcing email management and hosting are wide ranging and include:

  • Peace of mind. Emails are a company’s lifeblood and it is important to know they are in good hands.
  • Full data backups
  • Anti-virus software and regular updates, with anti-spam and content filtering included as standard
  • A mutually-agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • A 24/7 service desk
    • Improved data privacy
    • More time and resources to spend on running the business

Why use up valuable time and resources managing your own email system when someone else – a team of experienced IT experts – can do it for you?

Keytech Email Hosting Solutions

At Keytech we offer the following email hosting solutions:

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