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IT security has become one of the major issues facing business owners in today’s digital age and investing in preventative solutions is a must if companies want to protect confidential data, critical assets and funds.

At Keytech, our team of managed IT security specialist consultants evaluate every risk – large or small – that may threaten your IT infrastructure and ultimately your business. But we will not stop there; we’ll then ensure that the risk is neutralised.

At Keytech, our approach goes beyond simply providing product recommendations; we see IT security services as a comprehensive and essential form of risk management.

Our expertise covers solutions for managing firewalls, scanning email and web traffic, content control, end point security, event monitoring, mobile data security, permission management and more.

We offer the following network security services:

Why should I choose Keytech?

We offer the most comprehensive type of risk management you will find anywhere. Once we have carried out a full security audit we then come up with the solution which is carried out with your permission. Our approach to IT security differs from many others in that we go beyond just recommending products. We view a security service of this type as both a comprehensive and essential form of risk management, and back this up with what we offer our clients.

Can your business cope with modern day security issues?

There are many issues that the modern digital age has created for businesses, but not many cause as many sleepless nights as IT security. Owners are currently investing huge sums in various preventative solutions in order to protect critical assets, funds and confidential data. Our team at Keytech is made up of consultants who are specialists in the field of managed IT security and have the experience to evaluate every single risk, be it large or small, that could threaten not only your IT infrastructure but also your business and then neutralise that threat.

Why should I outsource rather than have my own team?

There are many benefits from outsourcing to such a respected company as Keytech. Cost is a big one, as you would effectively be paying somebody a full time wage as well as constantly training them to be up to date on the latest threats. Another reason is that we offer protection 24/7, so if a threat occurs while your employee is in bed it could have brought down your system by the time he clocks on in the morning.

By outsourcing your IT security management to Keytech, you will get a number of advantages, including:

  • Reduced operating costs
  • Ensured 24/7 protection of sensitive and critical information
  • Access to technicians who are experts in installation, configuration, testing, support and health checks and have no vendor/product bias.
  • IT security management solutions tailored to your specific requirements
  • A comprehensive consultancy service

Do you have a standard service you offer to everyone?

No. At Keytech we evaluate each and every company and their IT infrastructure and tailor make the security solutions to your needs and requirements. Apart from the basics certain companies will have data which needs protecting that others don’t, so we make sure that the service we offer covers all your IT management requisites.

What do I get for my money?

As well as our comprehensive consultancy service you also have access to professional technicians who are experts in the installation, configuration, testing and support of your IT system. They are savvy with the very latest health checks and unlike some companies offering this type of service we have no bias towards and vendor or product.

How far does your expertise go?

How long is a piece of thread? Seriously, think of anything at all related to IT; firewall management, Internet security, scanning web traffic and emails, content control, event monitoring, end point security, mobile data visualisation and security, security audits, authentication management, remote access, permission management, web filtering, the list goes on and on and we do it all.

How I contact you?

To find out more about what our managed IT security services can do for you, call us on 01942 311 150 or complete ourĀ online enquiry form.