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Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint enables companies to store and share company information to internal employees and customers alike. SharePoint can be used in conjunction with current file storage or be used to completely replace the typical file share setup within a business.

To list all of the features that SharePoint can offer would be impossible as the list is endless however here are a few Key Features;

Key Features

  • Document Library – Create a central repository for all business information making it readily available to whomever needs access
  • Security – Secure documents and sites based on individual requirements, only the people you want to have access will have access
  • Sites – Create and manage sites, from Team Sites, enabling a group of users or “teams” to share information, to “My Sites” allowing individuals to build their own site.
  • Microsoft Office integration – Microsoft Office 2010 and above integrates into SharePoint seamlessly allowing users to edit documents on multiple devices and save directly to SharePoint libraries
  • Co-Authoring – Making use of Microsoft Office 2010 and above SharePoint users can co-author documents allowing multiple users to update a document simultaneously
  • Dashboards – Business dashboards allowing business intelligence to be display in graphical dashboards making it easier to see business performance

Key Benefits of using Keytech

Business Needs

Keytech do not just install SharePoint out of the box with the default functionality, Keytech want to gain a true understanding of your business to ensure SharePoint is tailored to the business needs to ensure you get the most out of SharePoint


Keytech offer a graphic branding service to brand SharePoint to your business look and feel. Through the many SharePoint deployments we have completed we have found that a branded site has a better adoption rate by end users

Food for thought

Keytech believe in not only listening to the business requirements/needs but also instilling the thought process of how business can make the most of SharePoint. We complete “Art of the Possible” sessions to show business what SharePoint can do and how it could best fit into the business you are in, this ensures you receive exactly want you want and need out of SharePoint

24/7 support

Keytech’s team of SharePoint experts are available 24/7 to support you when you need it, whether its ad-hoc support or whether its via a pre-defined support contract Keytech will ensure you receive the support you want and need.

Here at Keytech we offer everything from Hosted SharePoint environments right down to add –hoc support for existing deployments. For more information on the various flavours of deployment, consultancy and support we offer please click on the required links below;

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