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Virtualisation is the process of creating virtual copies of servers , applications and data and hosting them on less hardware with a smaller physical and carbon footprint. Companies can have virtual versions of their servers , applications and data hosted on their own infrastructure , hosted at a data centre or a hybrid of the two. This flexibility makes the virtualisation process attractive to many businesses large and small and allows a staged approach as finances and business growth dictate.



Long term cost savings

Rather than run multiple servers that are power and space hungry several applications can be hosted on less hardware reducing overheads for power, cooling and space

Flexible -Scalable

It allows your business to grow without regular additional expenditure on hardware

Resilience and Efficiency

It offers advantages on automated data backup, disaster recovery and business continuity.

Test environments

Virtualisation allows patches , software upgrades ,new software installs and so on to be tried and tested in a virtual environment before going live on the system


Keytech Virtualisation Service Portfolio includes

  • Consultancy
  • Architecture and design of private and hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Post deployment monitoring and support
  • Health checks and audits

Why choose Keytech

Keytech are an integrated virtual services provider. That means that we are specialised in providing the network, security and communications that are vital to any business that needs to make the most of their virtual environment.

We have been providing virtual services for well over 10 years and our technical teams are very experienced in delivering virtualisation solutions tailored to individual business needs. We help many of our customers on the journey from traditional to virtual environments and have a wealth of experience and expertise to share.

Having a single expert provider for all the necessary services under one SLA contract keeps things simple for our customers and reduces costs associated with multiple service providers.

If you are considering your options why not give Sales a call on 01942 311151 to find out how your business could benefit. We also hold regular demo café’s on virtualisation for technical and non technical people alike though we hold separate sessions for each group . These have proved to be very popular with both IT managers who want to find out more specifics and business owners with no technical knowledge who want to understand what the benefits are. Visit our upcoming events page find a session that suits you.